Why This Site?

Everybody knows running a company is hard. Especially a startup. The blood and sweat and tears poured into hours of nurturing and raising our “child” to be an “adult”, is a long journey that involves lots of sacrifices and hard work.

Being an ex-startup co-founder myself (albeit small), it was heartbreaking to see our startup broke down to pieces. Though we’ve decided to completely shut down the startup, we did learn a lot through the process. Even though it seemed that what you have been doing is just a waste of time if your startup fails, I can assure you it’s not.

So I decided to set up a community-based website, where we, as aspiring entrepreneurs, can share our failures when building a new startup, and learn from each other. Keep in mind that if one fails at building a startup in with the business model of X, it doesn’t mean that you will fail as well.

I believe there’s nothing to be ashamed of having failed to run a business or a startup. Quoting Einstein,

You never fail until you stop trying.

Albert Einstein